Chocolate Milkshakes

Enjoy the classic. Choose a healthy, fluffy and refreshing milk cocktails made of 100% bio organic ingredients and milk.


Fresh Juices

At Mondieu you can always fi nd fresh, invigorating juices full of vitamins and minerals. Choose any of the juices below or combine them to make your own.


Liquid lunch

Something good and healthy to drink that fills you up with lots of vitamins and antioxidants. All you do is just pick one…




Homemade Drinks

Light, fresh lemonades prepared from ingredients from our garden will please you on hot summer day or on any other day.



Sit down with friends or spend a romantic moment over a glass of fragrant wine full of fl avor. All our wines are produced from the highest-quality grapes grown by the best winemakers and boast magnifi cent color, a vibrant bouquet and excellent taste. Prices in deciliters Wine served by the glass – 0.1 l.









Hot Chocolate

Sweeten up your life with this really delicious treat. Taste the fi nest chocolates from around the world and combine them with the mild fl avor of fruit.




Healthy Milkshakes and Smoothies

For anyone who appreciates a healthy lifestyle and freshness, we have a broad selection of the most tasty milkshakes and smoothies around. Enjoy traditional fl avors or new remarkable combinations made from the highest quality, healthiest pieces of fruits or vegetables you can fi nd anywhere.


Soft Drinks

Choose your world wide known favorite drinks.


Non-alcoholic Cocktails

Have fun and explore the taste of life with a clear mind.



Alkoholické kokteily

Bavte sa a odhaľujte chute najznámejších pestrofarebných kokteilov. Každý je vytvorený kombináciou toho najlepšieho s najlepším.